Llama Slippers £16.99 The softest, fluffiest slippers ever? You gotta slip your feet into ‘em to believe it! Adorable slippers shaped like lovely fuzzy llamas Basically the cutest things you can legally insert your feet into Available in three (UK) sizes: 4-5, 6-7, and 8-9 GET THE DEAL*Read More →

Slush Puppie Machine Cool retro vibes £59.99 AT FIREBOX* Enjoy the chilled, slushy taste of nostalgia Get that authentic blue-tongue look all over again Easily create your own slushies, iced coffees and frozen cocktails! All the retro pup stylings of the original machine Classic cherry and raspberry-flavoured syrups available separately GET THE DEAL*Read More →

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur £39.99AT FIREBOX* A mythical spirit made from the tears of humanely raised Unicorns Embody the magical power of this fabled beast Batch 2 of our bittersweet bestial booze Real Unicorn tears with sublime glittery finish Created by Firebox GET THE DEALRead More →

Magical Unicorn Mug and Wand £9.99 GET THE DEAL   Our new favourite Unicorn mug Rainbow mane handle and metallic gold horn Mix up your drinks with the included magic wand stirrer Perfect for tea, coffee and overflowing freak shakes Read More →