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A 100ml ice cream stick that’s consists of a Skittles® fruity flavour ice cream, with coloured sugar pearls, in a Skittles® flavour apple coating. Skittles Cooler Crazy Sours Ice Cream Multipack includes three individually wrapped ice creams on a stick. Love the fruity flavour of Skittles? Relish the crunch? Enjoy tongue tingling sourness? And the cooling smoothness of ice cream? Then, get ready to meet your new favourite – Skittles Cooler Crazy Sours Ice Cream. Skittles fans are sure to go crazy for the gorgeously green layer of sour sorbet made with fruit, before sinking their teeth into the super fruity flavoured ice cream, packed full of crunchy Skittles pieces.. Fruity flavour ice cream with candies wrapped in a sour fruit sorbet. Suitable for vegetarians. Skittles.

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