Aperol Aperitivo 100 cl, 11% ABV – Italian Spritz £10

About this item

  • Aperol embodies the Italian lifestyle
  • Created in 1919 and with an unchanged recipe to this day, Aperol has a low alcohol content (11 Percent)
  • Aperol Spritz, its signature drink, has become a cult drink becoming a global phenomenon thanks to its bright color and its light, sparkling and refreshing taste
  • The perfect Aperol Spritz is made up of 3 ingredients: Aperol, Prosecco and Soda water. Garnish your drink with an orange slice
  • Aperol Spritz is the ideal drink for every social occasion – from get-together moments with friends or colleagues, before lunch or dinner as a true Italian aperitif. It is the perfect accompaniment with food during a brunch or an informal gathering at home with whoever you want

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